City of Marketers

This is New York, the city of marketers.  Yet thanks to the American mythology around advertising, it’s Madison Avenue and the advertising agencies that come to mind first.

What makes marketing different from advertising, you ask?  In my belief, advertising is part of marketing.  Marketing is everything, from first impression to loyalty sale, from the first glimmer of an emotional connection to full on brand loyalty.  It’s all the experiences in between that transform from a one-way passive campaign, to a fully engaged, customer-centric enablement.

I believe that advertising tells a customer about a brand, but marketing is what actually closes the sale.  Therefore, New York City is the city of marketers.  We close sales, we make money, we are the agencies of today and tomorrow.

Digital marketing is expanding

If the first banner ad in 1994 is our Big Bang, how far into that expansion are we – and how far will we go?  How much do we need to monitor closely each point of light that represents marketing information?  How do we even identify and watch for all those data points?

And most importantly, how do we keep up with the expansion in a way that creates a meaningful experience for the customer on the other side of whatever screen they’re interacting with?

I have been doing exactly this for almost fifteen years, from last-click attribution in 2003 to first-click engagement in 2017.  I’m an Xennial, so my career experience is all digital native and digital first. I want to find ways to use this constantly expanding universe of data to track every single customer from their first impression of a company through retention and repeat.

My passion is twofold: to use digital marketing in smart, creative ways that engage a customer all the way through their story, and to use that to deliver client campaigns in ways that exceed expectations.  The universe expands, the digital world changes – only that human quotient we bring to it remains the same.